At Home Winter Wonderland

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As the holidays draw near, homeowners have a special opportunity to freshen up the look of their homes with a little seasonal magic! You don’t need to have snow to create a winter wonderland一thanks to outdoor decorations and a bit of creativity, you’ll be boosting both your home’s curb appeal and the spirits of those around you in no time! Try some of these decorating ideas as you look to freshen up your home this holiday season. 


Dazzling Holiday Lights

Adding lights to your home doesn’t have to be a hassle! String lights along the roofline for a more classic look, or wrap them around trees and bushes for something simple. If you’re looking to sell this holiday season, use neutral white lights. Not only will they give your home that traditional holiday look, but they’ll give your home an elegant touch, whereas colorful lights present more of a whimsical, personalized feel. 


Doorway Delights

Upgrade your front door decor with wreaths and garlands, incorporating pinecones, red ribbons, and ornaments that match your chosen color scheme. A festive doormat with a cheerful greeting can also set the tone for a warm welcome. Find inspiration in everything from snowmen to candy canes and remember that your decor doesn’t have to be holiday specific! If you’re showing your home after the holidays, decor that is flexible with the season will be more attractive to potential buyers and not feel so time sensitive once the holidays pass. 


Porch Planters

Plants are always a perfect way to bring life back to your home on even the coldest days of winter. Make the switch to winter-hardy, decorative plant pots like poinsettias, evergreen boughs and holly bushes. Not only will these decorative planters bring festive holiday colors to your home, but they’ll be the perfect welcoming decor on your front porch all season long as they last through even the most brutal snow storms. 


Festive Pathway Lighting

Extend the holiday magic to your pathways by incorporating festive lighting. Line walkways with luminous candy canes or lanterns, creating a welcoming and illuminated path for visitors. This not only enhances safety but also adds a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space! With the sun setting earlier in the winter, guests will be appreciative of a festive and well lit entrance to your house. 


When considering ways to elevate your curb appeal this holiday season, don’t be concerned that you have to skip the festive decor in order to make your home look better! Having a festive and fun appearance is a great way to draw positive attention to your home and bring positivity to cold winter nights. Embrace the magic of the holidays and let your home be a beacon of celebration for all to enjoy!  


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